What Is Eleven Eleven?

Eleven Eleven started as the idea that women need more out of their workout wardrobe. The eleven eleven founder, Meredith Fuller Sparks saw that women were truly living in these clothes and wanted to bring them pieces that they could use in their workout as well as outside the gym. The eleven eleven experience is one that is for women by women. Empowering women daily.

Why Eleven Eleven?

Eleven Eleven started as an inside joke between Meredith and her (now) husband, Jon. She was living in NYC and he in Alabama. They would look at the clock, see 11:11 and think of one another. When it came time to name the business Jon had the idea of using the words. Meredith did some research and found that 11:11 has connotations of synchronicity, simplicity, and spiritual awarness. And the rest is history!